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Turbo Roaster™ Features:

Are you too busy to make a whole roasted chicken?

And when you do, it's dry, tough and tasteless. Chef Tony here from Turbo Roaster, the new way to cook moist, tender juicy chicken in half the time.

Imagine serving a delicious 6lb chicken your whole family will love, cooked to perfection in 45 minutes!

It starts by offering resistance on the way down, and on the way back up, for double the impact. So, you get intense ab sculpting with no waisted motion.

Cooks quickly without drying out!

Cooks in half the time!

The secret is Turbo Roaster, vapor and infusion; it delivers even moisture to the inside of the chicken so it cooks quickly without drying out. Watch, just add liquid place the turbo tube in the chicken, and then roast for 45 minutes. Now look, it's moist and beautifully brown prepared in half the time. And check how juicy it is! Look, we cooked 6lb chickens with and without the turbo roaster for 45 minutes. They both look cooked. This one is red and raw but, the Turbo Roaster chicken is juicy and cooked to perfection.

Turn an ordinary Monday into a gourmet Sunday!

And watch a new huge 24lb turkey that takes 5 hours now just 2 hours with the Turbo Roaster. Look even the breast is juicy and tender.